heather armitage


Heather James, CEO
Active First Aid Inc.
“We Care about your Crew!”


As the owner of Active First Aid, Heather has been involved in the first aid industry for the past 9 years. Before starting Active First Aid, she has spent her first aid career as a Life Guard, an Emergency Medical Responder in industrial settings and presently holds her Occupational First Aid Level 3. Heather has spent time administering first aid at numerous construction sites, warehouses, on the ski hill and at the oil rigs. In these industrial settings she has found real pleasure in merging her first aid skills with her love of physical activity, the satisfaction of hard work and a job well done.

Heather has been in numerous leadership roles and has extensive experience in customer and employer-employee relations. She took time to travel and still enjoys participating in various extreme sports like mountain biking, snowboarding and skydiving. Constants throughout her life journey have always been her passion for first aid, her love of people and the desire to always be the best at whatever she does.
Heather can be described as energetic, reliable and driven. Through the company beliefs and practices she aims to make work places safer. Leading by example, she hopes to encourage other companies to follow suit. Having a strong, caring and passionate team who reflect Active First Aids vision is a priority to her.




"Through my business, I am able to combine my enjoyment of hard work, my passion for first aid and my desire to make a difference in peoples lives. I truly believe I can make that difference using my proactive approach to work place safety.”

~Heather Armitage


“In 12 years of managing a skydiving operation injuries have been few, but the day I really needed an experienced first responder to an accident, Heather was there. There are simply no words to express the gratitude and relief I felt knowing this emergency situation was being dealt with by Heather's calm, professional and caring skills. Following this incident Active First Aid reviewed our Emergency Action Plan and First Aid kit and brought us up to date. Heather's honest, caring and no-nonsense approach to providing First Aid at our business gives me peace of mind.”

~ Debbie Flanagan, Manager, Pacific Skydivers Ltd

“Heather is a consummate professional. I had the chance to see her working with a friend of mine who had suffered a brain bleed during a lecture; she made our friend and everyone watching secure in her skill and expertise. She took control of the situation and provided professional & outstanding care to our dear friend!”

~Shannon Assion, President & Founder at Action Promotions and Communications

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